Welcome to my channel. My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking USfilmr! I like making videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! I upload at least 1 video every single day at the exact same time. I love watching funny videos, seeing amazing animations, and enjoying family friendly content. If you enjoy amazing videos. you have come to the right place!
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  1. Blake Winters

    Keeley won I ment win

  2. Reshma Zaheer

    Did u drink g-fuel at the end

  3. IA Davino Lahansang

    jordi:comment orange banana me:ok, orange banana

  4. Marx Marley Pasia

    If the sun Die it will eat two planet and encraes the life of the sun

  5. Hj Hady

    What is the name of the song at 6:58?

  6. Adam Brekke

    Kwebbelkop I'm a big new fan

  7. Adam Brekke


  8. Adam Brekke


  9. Mahadi Hasan


  10. ND7 playz

    its not even funny

  11. King gamer YouTube

    Big fan g

  12. Nassim Gareche

    Ik ben nederlands

  13. peyton dryden

    fav supers Marvel: spiderman and ironman DC: superman and batman Marvel Villain: Thanos DC villain: joker

  14. Zahin Tajwar

    200,000 like we need that distrack 100,000 is low

  15. ND7 playz

    i survie

  16. MarcTheBeast34 Official

    3:00 chillllllllll I didn't know we were playing among us.


    The fact that he only hearts popular youtubers is sad and does it for fame instead of hearing his viewers and the comments they made

  18. Naren Goud

    Omg why did he scream that much in the start i immediately offed the volume

  19. Marl Efrain Lantajo

    happy birth day tiger

  20. Abdullah Akbar The beast gamer

    Do this with your every friend

  21. Dim- GNL

    How ironique Im watching this vid of mrbeast reacting to mrbeast and then an ad mrbeast pops up

  22. 2x2 gameing

    Thank you

  23. Michael Kelly

    You left away wow but but I never been to GTA 5 before I wish I can go there but I can't cuz of the coronavirus but I never played the game before but I watched videos of it also my biggest fan.

  24. Sara Rimington

    Didakwk,is a a”......".".............12345678910

  25. Kavinraj Ramprakash


  26. FAEGAN Ndege


  27. yusuf siddiq

    this is so sad jordi i cried watching this i hope you have strength and good luck dont worry jordi everithing is fine :0

  28. Ilsu plays

    How they do that

  29. Gerry Dadang

    How can he shoot he don't have a gun

  30. Ilsu plays

    That's so cool

  31. faheem khan

    why is everyone lying about disstrack

  32. Quinn Travill

    ive been waiting for this FOR years

  33. Cyril Jasper Tolentino

    Kwebbelkop: Your not in a boat!!! Me: Technically, a boat is something that floats.

  34. peyton dryden

    the one that is in white and black is mr. negitive

  35. Adeline Thoo


  36. Liam J


  37. Rshean Meshach Baccay


  38. peyton dryden

    the red venom is carnage

  39. Nissrin Boucheta

    Wow how did you survive the sunami

  40. Alexander Klabin

    see how much money you make by just shooting people and collecting there money

  41. Veltrica Whitehead

    I Subbed And Punched The Bell And Liked The Video!

  42. TP GAMER non of u business

    That's kind

  43. Mason Lowe

    Don't care about your dad

  44. Sara Al-awamreh

    im crying

  45. Gian Sibalo

    Planets keep crashing hahahaπŸ˜‚

  46. lynda khuptong

    How to download GTA v

  47. Annie Mushanga

    nerf in real life

  48. max whitehead

    Jordi you should ask to record with them again

  49. RØG

    When I saw the jetpack and the laser tank It was so nostalgic

  50. Chan Ying Fai

    I CRY

  51. purple glitch -5-

    Bruh cristmas is about spending time with your family idc if i got nothing its just being with your family

  52. Ghe Sy-Gregorio

    Jordi pls make a survival series where everything is super duper realistic pls like this world

  53. Unbreakable Destroyer

    Make it available on android

  54. Joshua Kun


  55. Kavinraj Ramprakash


  56. Matthew Mendoza


  57. Agustin Enzo Fajardo

    hey kwebbelkop jupiter has rings was so cool


    Kwebbelkop how to danlod a gta plsssss

  59. rage gamez

    Me:shut up jordi Jordi:keeps taking Me:shut up!u don’t have to sh every caption Jordi:keeps takin me:leaves video cause of anger

  60. Rex

    He is so chill but powerfull

  61. Roderick 2k21

    What the wtf vid ok k

  62. Drixel Ortega

    this is the gun game

  63. Backon boyi

    ;-; T-T

  64. Pixel Crab

    Im proud of you Jordi keep up the good work

  65. Ashokkumar Chinnappan


  66. Drixel Ortega

    the black one is skull

  67. Kittens :3

    By the way keep it up

  68. Kittens :3

    So many other USfilm is are commenting on this video I like this very much